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Three Time Saving Tips on the iPhone: Search, Double Tap, and Touch ID

It’s Not Letting Me Presents three quick tips on the iPhone.

Double Tap
Touch ID

When you use your technology efficiently, it won’t take up as much time in your life, and you can be more productive or more relaxed. The options are endless once more time is available to you in your life.

Save Time. Enjoy Life More.

TechKnowledge Explained Simply. It’s Not Letting Me.

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How to See Everything from your Facebook Pages

How to See Everything from your Facebook Pages

Facebook explained simply.

The Facebook Algorithm Explained with Facebook Juice

Facebook Algorithm explained with the help of a little Facebook Juice.

From It’s Not Letting me.

Setup Favorites and Do Not Disturb on your iPhone

How to setup Do Not Disturb on your iPhone, by using Favorites.



Use Night Shift on the iPhone

Quick tip from It’s Not Letting Me – using Night Shift on the iPhone. The warm glow is better for your eyes…and mine!

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Get F.lux (for android and PC) HERE:


SAVE MONEY calling Uber or Lyft from your iPhone

SAVE MONEY calling Uber or Lyft from your iPhone

Quick tutorial on comparing rates from both LYFT and UBER all inside of the Apple Maps app on the iPhone.

You can compare uber and lyft rates in the iPhone.

This also works inside of Google Maps – and on Android Devices.

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Curb you iPhone Addiction

Curb you iPhone Addiction

CHROMECAST: The BEST $30 you’ll spend on technology

CHROMECAST: The BEST $30 you’ll spend on technology

Simple explanation of the Chromecast and how it works.

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The Chromecast is the best piece of tech dollar for dollar you can buy.
It will stream photos and videos from your phone/tablet/laptop directly to your tv.
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The MOST Important Tip for iPhone Filmmaking

The MOST Important Tip for iPhone Filmmaking

Here’s the MOST IMPORTANT tip that ANY iPhone filmmaker can use.


Shoot WIDE not TALL.

By shooting TALL, you will end up losing HALF the resolution of your clip.  People watch TV in WIDESCREEN.  No one watches TALL screen.

iPad Film School: ANY Teacher can assign a video assignment

iPad Film School: ANY Teacher can assign a video assignment

Over the last 12 years living as both a teacher who also makes documentaries and tells stories with media, I’ve learned a lot about how I learned to create with digital tools and I’ve devised ways for teachers learn this approach to let go of fear of technology, fear of learning new things, fear of feeling like their students know more than they do, and start to engage with new ways for students to be empowered.  

Teachers don’t need to be master illustrators to give a drawing assignment.  Certainly, there will be students with a better skilled hand at drawing, but it’s the teacher’s job to help shape that drawing into a message of understanding the concepts that are being explored in schools.  The same hold true with technology.  

Any teacher can give video assignments.  We offer a FULL DAY PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT workshop that covers that curriculum in this video. The videos steps in the workshop are:

  1. WRITING: Use the A/V script format above
    1. Tell a story – with a beginning, middle, and end.
    2. Plan what you need to SHOOT
    3. Write potential interview questions
    4. Plan what footage you need to find – photos or videos
  2. SHOOTING be mindful of the following:
    3. SOUND
    1. Turn your script on it’s side, and the A/V will be in line with the A/V on a video editing timeline
    2. Organize your footage
    3. Choose the best moments of each shot
    4. Cut the clips up and place them where they belong
    5. Line up Audio and Video as it was script
    6. Modify the edit as it suits the project
    1. Learn how to share the – use the Youtube channels that are provided for each Google Account. Have end users upload videos here
    2. Understand the difference between
      1. a PROJECT file (the editable version)
      2. an EXPORTED file (not editable)
    3. Understand PRIVACY settings of that video
      1. PRIVATE – no one but you can see it
      2. UNLISTED – anyone with the LINK can see it
      3. PUBLIC – anyone can see it
    4. Discuss what makes a QUALITY video – understanding the difference between QUALITY and QUANTITY.